COVID-19 Updates

Hello Pawfection family

(Updated 11/09/20)

First and foremost, we hope everyone is healthy and doing great. We have missed everyone and the pups so much during our closure. We just wanted to thank everyone again for all the support it means so much to us. We are very excited to see everyone.

Due to the affect Covid-19 has had, we have made changes to how we will operate until further notice.

Hours of operation

With the holiday season approaching, our hours of operation will be expanded to certain dates. Boarding is available over Thanksgiving and through the weekend as well as for Christmas and the New Year.

Monday-Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday – Closed
Sunday – Closed


At this time, we will be open for daycare and grooming by reservation or appointment only (no walk-ins). This is so we have adequate staffing each day. We will not be taking in any food or treats, unless medically necessary for medications. We encourage you to book online. Overnight stays will be available Monday – Friday however you will need to call as it is not available to book online at this time.  Reservations and or appointments made through your customer portal are accepted until 7 pm the day before you would like to come in. If you do not have access to your portal please let us know so we can set that up for you.


Please make sure your pups vaccines are current in our system, if you have updated them please upload or email them to us. Do not bring the certificates in with you, we will not take them at this time.

Drop off and pick up

All dogs must be dropped off and picked up through Bartlett Alley. Pawfection is the first parking lot on the left. Please be careful and courteous of others that may be leaving or coming in. Please call us once you park, all doors will be locked. We will allow one customer inside at a time, you must wear a mask and keep a 6 foot distance from staff. Once inside you will place your pup in the kennel available and remove and take with you the leash, collar and or harness. We will get your pup out with our slip lead once you exit the building. The same process will happen when you pick up, but your pup will be in the kennel ready to go. We will be disinfecting all areas after each client.


If you would like to buy retail items, let us know at drop off. We will get the item(s) ready for you to take at pick up.


All payments can be made by credit or debit card. If you are paying cash we will accept the exact amount only, if you don’t have exact change the remainder will be put towards your accoun as a credit. Thank you!

How to get to Bartlett Alley