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Here at PawFection, we believe that bathing and grooming are essential to the overall wellbeing and health for pets. Our professional grooming stylists handle everything from baths and cuts to full spa treatments. In our state of the art grooming facility, our stylists use top quality all natural shampoos, conditioners and grooming products to ensure that your dog or cat has the best treatment experience.

Regardless of breed, size and age, we welcome all pets to PawFection. Before your pet's grooming session starts, we will sit down with you to discuss grooming needs, behavior and health. Then, we’ll create a custom grooming plan for your pet. We promise a safe and clean environment for all pets, at all times.

Pet Grooming Services:

  • Bathing
  • Shampooing
  • Brushing
  • Drying
  • Clipping
  • Styling
  • Nail filing
  • Teeth brushing

And much more!

All of our basic grooming packages include bath, brush, nail clipping, ear cleaning, and tooth brushing. Our Salon at PawFection is happy to give an estimate of what it will cost to have your pet groomed. Prices are based upon breed and condition of coat and no prices are final until we physically see your dog.

Effective January 1, 2019, our grooming prices will increase and will be based on weight, coat type, and type of haircut. All services will be one on one express with the groomer and your pup only. Grooming packages will include our all natural premium Isle of Dog shampoo, Nagayu CO2 spa bath, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, blow dry, 15-minute brush out and nail file. If your dog has a double coat, they will receive a shedless treatment that includes all of the above, with a special shedless shampoo and conditioner plus extra brushing to remove as much undercoat as possible. You may also build your own bath if you do not want the all-inclusive package. All services are by appointment only.

Give us a call to schedule your pets next grooming service!