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Policies & Requirments

Temperament Assessment

All dogs must pass our temperament assessment, before being allowed to stay or participate in daycare. All dogs must be able to be physically healthy. We will need your pup for 2 hours to assess his or her temperament.  Your pup will be introduced to dogs already enrolled to see how he or she reacts to a group environment and with people your dog does not know. Your pup will spend 1 hour in the playroom and 1 hour in our lodging area. We will look for signs of stress, inappropriate play, Inappropriate behaviors. Temperament assessments are Monday-Friday, and are good for 6 months between reservations, if we do not see  your dog within that time frame, another assessment will need to be completed. 


We know we have a lot of requirements and policies; this is to ensure your pup is comfortable and a good fit for our facility. Safety for our staff and dogs in our care is a priority.  We are a very small daycare taking no more than 25 dogs a day.  Please keep in mind dog daycare is not a one size fits all and ours may not be best suited for your pups needs.

Signs of Stress

Showing the whites of eyes

Position of ears: rigid or flattened

blood in stool

Tucked tail

Excessive drooling

Excessive lip licking

Excessive yawning

Excessive barking

Inappropriate Play

Neck biting and holding

Rough play

Escalating arousal levels 

Body slamming


Standing with head and neck over shoulders of another dog

Growling and baring teeth

Constant barking in the face of another dog

Does not know stop signals from other dogs

Inappropriate Behaviors



Aggression towards people and other dogs

Resource guarding

Baring teeth

 Biting or scratching at doors 

Looking for a way to get out


Neuter Policy

Toy and small breed dogs: 4-6 months of age

 Medium breed dogs: 6-9 months of age

 Large breed dogs: 9-12 months of age

Giant breed dogs: 12-18 months of age

In Heat Policy

Intact females cannot participate during heat 

Required Vaccines

Parvo - 3 sets if under 4 months
Rabies - 4 months and older 


* Please note all vaccine records need to come from a veterinarian, with your information and the dogs information. We do not accept vaccine booklets with stickers.*

Flea &Tick

Veterinary approved flea and tick control


Overnight Stay Check-In | Check-Out

Check-in is up to 1 hour before closing, if you check-in after a late check-in fee of $25 will apply. Check-out is 11am on the day of departure, if you cannot pick up by 11am there is a late check-out fee of $40 and your pup can stay the rest of the business day. If you cannot pick up by end of the closing day, your pup will need to stay the night.  


Please make sure if you bring your dog's food that it is in zip-lock bags or an airtight sealed container to avoid a $10 container fee. If you decide not to bring your dog's food, we will be happy to provide house food for $2.00 per feeding. 


If your dog has medication please bring pill pockets, hot dogs, canned food, cheese, peanut butter, etc. so your dog will take the medication without any issues. If you choose not to provide anything and your dog will not take the medication with his/her food; we will provide pill pockets for $.50 per pill pocket used. Please note we cannot take dogs that require injections of any sort.


Holiday Reservations

A non refundable booking fee is required to hold your pups lodging during the holidays. You have 72 hours prior to the arrival date to cancel to avoid a penalty. 


Non-Membership Daycare Dogs

Dogs staying 2 or less nights do not have to come in for daycare before the stay.

Dogs staying 3-4 nights must do at least 1 full day daycare session within 5 days of the stay.

Dogs staying 5-8 nights must do at least 3 full day daycare sessions within 9 days of the stay.

Dogs staying over 8 nights must have an active daycare subscription.

Senior Dogs Over 10 Years Of Age

Current senior dogs need reservations every 6 months or less for daycare, or considered a new client.

Overnight Stays - Dogs 12 years or older will be referred out to a in home pet sitter.

*We are not able to accommodate new dogs 10 years and older or current senior dogs that have not used services in over 6 months.*

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